Fairford is a family-owned investment company that aims to create value via acquisition, development and disposal of privately-owned companies and by creating long-lasting partnerships with key stakeholders who share our values. We are based in Sweden and the UK and exist to provide our owner, the Osseiran family, with a sustainable, diversified and professionally-managed European investment portfolio.


Fairford aims to create financial, social and intellectual value by engaging with our portfolio companies and our international community of stakeholders.


As an active and value-adding investor Fairford Group strategically seeks opportunities in privately held companies in predominantly the Swedish and UK markets. We prefer to take majority ownership in our investments and search for companies who are aligned to our vision and values. The investment range is generally between c. 5–15 MGBP or 50–150 MSEK in equity.


Long Term View

We believe that true value is created by taking a long term approach. This requires patience, courage, commitment, confidence, diplomacy and open-mindedness. We understand that the building of firm foundations with professional structures leads to long term success. Our investment horizon is over 10 years per investment.

Family Feel

We aim to create an extended family via genuine interest and involvement with our portfolio companies, an understanding of the work/life balance and high levels of trust and honesty. We believe that entrepreneurial spirit, energy and enjoyment are essential to success.

Continuous Learning

We have a culture of continuous learning where all employees and stakeholders are encouraged to continue their education, challenge the status quo, be intellectually curious, develop new skills and embrace or adapt to the constant changes in the world.