The steady growth in sales and profitability has continued in 2018, thanks to the successful business plan implemented in the recent years. The company now works with a business model focusing on expanding in fastening with the leading resellers and rental companies in the market. With the unique façade solutions Ergofast works directly with architects, consultants and construction companies.

In 2018 Ergofast has expanded internationally in the specialist screw business with deepened cooperation with a global supplier of construction material. Ergofast is perceived as a professional supplier in the market for fastening solutions in the construction business, resulting in a steady growth in the leading distributors in Sweden and Norway, in the rental companies as well as in the infrastructure sector. With industry leading suppliers such as Fischer, MAX, BWM and Alpolic and Ergofast own brand we offer top class premium systems and products for fastening, installation and façade. Combined with the know-how of Ergofast experienced sales engineers this makes us competitive and forms a solid foundation for future growth.

/Kristian Henningsson, CEO.



Fairford has for many years had an exposure towards the construction industry and we believe that it makes sense to maintain this exposure in our portfolio.
The construction industry is cyclical in its nature but it is a market which is here
to stay for the long term and that makes Fairford and our investment horizon a suitable owner. Ergofast’s business in specific is fundamentally based on making its clients’ operations more efficient, ergonomic and safe which are trends that are strengthening in the market and attributes that we easily can relate to as owners of the company. In Ergofast we see our platform to broaden our interests in specific niches of the construction industry.

Kristian Henningsson, CEO

Nils Stenmarck, CFO