PanLink is fortunate in that we operate in a buoyant market that continues to grow. Product owning companies are increasingly outsourcing as a method of reducing costs, improving cash flow and increasing focus. With our footprint in Poland and China we are well placed to meet this increasing demand.

2016 has been another exciting year for PanLink with revenues increasing by nearly 20%. Most exciting for us is that we experience growth with both new and existing customers as well as across cable harness, modules and complete products.

We completed the transfer to our new factory in Tczew, Poland and during the year consolidation has been a focus area. Our two previous factories are now under one roof and the integration is complete. We are starting to yield returns from this alignment and we are well placed to leverage the effects for the years ahead.

Michael Åkesson, CEO



The investment in PanLink was initially motivated by the identified need by many small to medium companies to find a production partner in order to manage production during all stages of the product lifecycle from trial runs, ramp up on to high volume manufacturing. The specific need of this customer segment is still valid and we believe it to be a long term characteristic in the geographies in which PanLink operates.

Managed carefully with costs and competence built in the correct locations we think PanLink will continue to be a competitive player in the long run and we are keen to support and realise the company’s full potential.


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