The demand for our products and services has continued to be high during 2018 with positive development in the majority of our product segments and geographies. The turnover increased by 5% compared to last year. The main focus during the year, has been to fulfill the increased demand from our customers. Many different actions were taken to support our customer in the best possible way.

We continuously take on new challenges to develop new applications. During the year we have, in cooperation with Mid Sweden University and Backer Calesco, developed
a new method to produce paper or nonwoven etched electronics based on foil by laminating in roll-to-roll production. The end result is paper or textile electronic circuits based on foil, making it possible for customers to solder or glue components to a highly flexible circuit.

The outlook for 2019 is positive, we foresee a continued high demand for our customised technical flexible laminate applications. Initiated actions to increase efficiency and capacity will enable us to supply our customers even better and to put even more effort on developing new applications in the years to come.

/Pernilla Janze, CEO.



Skultuna Induflex supplies a number of different customers found in various markets and value chains. Being a material expert with a continuous focus on quality, speed and flexibility Skultuna Induflex has gained long lasting customer relationships over the years. Through reinforced energy and drive the company is well positioned to further leverage on the foundation created in the merger and we are closely following and supporting the progress.

Pernilla Janze, CEO/CFO