2016 was a positive year for SkultunaInduflex. Our first priority was to retain existing business. Operational metrics and performance were strong. Customer service was excellent. As a result, we retained all of our existing customers.

Our second priority was to increase business in selected product areas and with key customers. We increased share of wallet at target customers. By investing in improved capabilities, we increased sales by 7%. Our third priority was to ensure a prosperous future. We increased capacity significantly by bringing online new slitting and spooling equipment. We continued R&D cooperation with key customers. We strengthened our company culture. Our market positon is better today than at the beginning of the year.

The SkutunaInduflex team has the motivation and energy to move forward. We are proud of our progress and remain confident in our future.

Joel Ludvigsen, CEO



SkultunaInduflex supplies a number of different customers found in various markets and value chains. The company was hit hard post the 2008 financial crisis and the return back to pre-crisis volumes has been challenging although the merger itself improved the situation significantly with increased volumes as well as cost synergies. It will surely be a challenging route going forward as well but we believe the company is on the right path and we are closely following and supporting the progress.


Revenue, EBITDA

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