The health market is growing, and health and wellness are prioritized focus areas for customers in the Nordic countries. This means more players are entering the market, consumers have more choices and prices are under pressure. Online actors especially are putting pressure on consumer prices.

The year 2020 has been challenging with a pandemic situation that shut down societies and businesses. Strict restrictions from the authorities in all three countries, advising citizens to stay at home and avoid malls and stores, impacting negatively on the footfall in stores.

As it has become even more important to stay healthy, the increased focus has been beneficial for our industry and is in line with Life’s long-term strategy to help people to stay healthy in a natural way.
/ Gunnel Åkerman, CEO.



Life operates in an interesting market with strong underlying growth driven by increased focus on health and wellbeing. Competition has increased during recent years and when acquired in 2017 the company had not been able to fully focus on the future development of its business.

Furthermore, the ongoing structural shifts within retail have also added to the challenge. However, Life has a strong market position and well-known brand in the Nordic market, and from this base we believe the company has a large value creation potential. We are motivated to support the company’s strategic plan to maintain and develop its position and we are proud to support the company in its mission to helping people to stay healthy in a natural way.