Fairford Group Management

Bengt A. Dahl


Bengt co-founded together with Salah in the beginning of 1990 what later became Fairford. Today he is a director in Fairford as well as director in many of our portfolio companies. Bengt is based in Östersund and has been instrumental in sourcing, acquiring and managing the development of the Fairford portfolio. Bengt has more than 40 years of experience from both senior management positions and board positions in medium-sized companies within trade, industry and other fields of activities.

Salah N. Osseiran


Salah is an international businessman who in the beginning of 1990s together with Bengt A. Dahl founded what later became Fairford. Salah is advisor and director in Fairford and in many of our portfolio companies. Salah is based in Beirut and in addition to Fairford he heads various operations in the Middle East through another holding company, BPC Business Project Company, established 1984. Salah graduated Law at the American University in Beirut before starting his career.

Bengt Dahl

Chairman and CEO of Fairford Group

Bengt is the Chairman and CEO of Fairford Holdings Europe as well as Business Development responsible for Axel Christiernsson, AP&T and Life. Bengt is based in Stockholm and started at Fairford in 2009. He has previous experience from the corporate finance industry and holds a M.Sc. in Business Administration and a B.Sc. in Commercial Law from the University of Uppsala.

Eva Scherl

Group CFO

Eva is the Group CFO for Fairford Holdings Europe and Managing Director for Fairford Real Estate. Eva is based at our HQ in Östersund and started at Fairford in 2005. In her role as financial controller and business consultant she has experience from various line of businesses, such as banking, manufacturing, retailing and service industries. She also has experience from board work in Länsförsäkringar Jämtland 2000-2017. Eva graduated a Master of Business Administration in 1990 from Mid Sweden University in Östersund.

Marie Lindman

Senior Financial Controller

Marie is senior financial controller for the Fairford Group. Marie is based at the HQ in Östersund. Marie started at Fairford in 2010 and has previously served various positions, partly as Authorized Public Accountant with Grant Thornton and Financial Manager within several industrial companies. Marie graduated a Master of Business Administration with a concentration in accounting in 1992 at Uppsala University.

Mattias Ohlsson

Senior Financial Controller

Mattias is senior financial controller for the Fairford Group. Mattias is based at the HQ in Östersund and joined Fairford in 2019. Mattias previously worked at PwC in Stockholm from 2015-2019, first in audit within various industries and then within capital markets and accounting advisory services. Mattias holds a M.Sc in business and economics from Örebro Unversity.

Charles Tuke

CFO UK & Business Development

Charles is business development responsible for UK investments, with experience from taking certain executive senior management positions within these investments. Charles is based at our office in London and started at Fairford in 2007. He has previous experience from various commercial and financial roles at KPMG, Diageo Plc and Compass Group Plc. Charles graduated with BA (Hons) in Economics in 1990 from the University of Durham and qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 1994 whilst working at KPMG.


Business Development

Robert is business development responsible for PanLink, STS, Ergofast and Skulflex and is based in Stockholm. He started at Fairford in 2013 and has previous experience from the corporate finance industry from both boutique and bank organisations as well as experience from the capital markets industry. Robert holds a M.Sc. in Industrial Engineering and Management from Linköping Institute of Technology with exchange studies at University of Technology in Sydney.

Emilie Ljungqvist

Business Development

Emilie works with business development throughout the portfolio and for the parent company and is business development responsible for TransLink. Emilie is based in Stockholm and joined Fairford in 2015. Emilie holds a M.Sc. in Industrial Engineering and Management from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm with exchange studies at The University of Queensland in Brisbane.

Advisory Board

Fairford Europe

Per Winnberg

Advisory Board member

Per has been active as a business lawyer for more than 40 years focusing on M&A, corporate restructuring and general business law. Per has special experience from the construction, energy and utility sectors and is presently involved in a number of green technology projects. Per is a senior partner at Hellström Advokatbyrå since sixteen years.

External Board Members

John Blydenstein

Board member Skulflex

Between 1995 and 2003 John was active in London in private equity as Associate Director at Industri Kapital and managing partner at West Private Equity (now called Lyceum Capital). He is managing partner and co-founder of BV Capital Partners, a private equity holding which invests in small- and medium sized enterprises in the Benelux since 2003. He is chairman of the board of Teconex SA (electric products), and LensOnline Groep NV (contact lenses), and a board member of Pegase Travel NV (tour operator), Matco NV (chemicals), and Skulflex AB (laminates).

Sandro Grimpe

Chairman of the Board STS

Sandro has a broad executive experience from several automotive and industrial companies. He has been working as CFO in different turn-around projects since the beginning of 1980 and as CEO since 1991. For the last twenty years he has held various positions within Scania on the Swedish market. Sandro has been a board member in several different Swedish companies over the years.

Lars-Åke Helgesson

Chairman of the Board TransLink, Board member STS, Board member Axel

Lars-Åke has for 40 years been active in Swedish industrial companies with an international direction including ten years with the Bonnier Group, ten years with Haldex and approximately ten years with Stora. He has held CEO positions during almost 25 years, of which eleven years were in public companies. During the last ten years he has acted as Chairman/Board Member in Swedish as well as international companies.

Roger Hjerth

Board member AP&T

Roger has worked in executive positions in industrial companies the last 30 years, abroad as well as in Sweden and mainly as CEO. Although working at different manufacturing companies as EFD Induction, Bulten and TransLink mixed with heavy industrial companies as OVAKO, Gränges Aluminium and Höganäs, customers and markets has always been related to the Automotive industry. Roger now holds various positions in Boards related to the manufacturing industry.

Staffan Håkansson

Board member Skulflex

Staffan has held senior executive positions in leading industry groups as AGA, Esselte, FFV, Cardo and Bombardier Transportation, working in Sweden and Belgium and with extensive international experience. He has been chairman in ProfilGruppen AB and Finnveden AB. He is elected member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences, IVA.

Mikael Jonson

Chairman of the Board AP&T and PanLink

Mikael has a broad experience from executive positions in several global industrial companies. He is an entrepreneur with a vast international experience. In general Mikael has been working in industrial companies mainly in a CEO role. Mikael has also had several board positions in both listed and unlisted companies and today he holds an advisor position in several Swedish companies.

Val Pakis

Board member Axel

Val has over 40 years’ experience in the specialty chemical and lubricant industry, growing businesses organically and via M&A. He has experience as a president/CEO, as a business owner, as a director of companies located in Saudi Arabia, India, and Venezuela, and most recently as Vice President of Specialties for The Lubrizol Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway.

Christian Helgesson

Board member STS, Translink

Christian has 20 years of experience from working within economic research, management consulting and as entrepreneur, director and CEO of various business education training companies. He is the founder and CEO of Edlegio/Ny Teknik Education which is a subsidiary of Ny Teknik Group.

Kjell-Åke Pettersson

Board member Fairford Real Estate

Kjell-Åke’s working experience includes consultant in the field of energy conservation, CEO positions in different industries such as Private Equity, Media, Railway and Chairman in ten different companies. He is educated at KTH with a master of engineering and at Uppsala University where he got a MBA degree.

Eva Redhe

Board member Axel

Eva has board experience from more than 25 public and private companies, she has served 8 years at the BoD of AP1, she is former CEO (and later Executive Chairman) of Erik Penser Bank, founder of Merucirus Financial Communications and former Head of Investor Relations and part of the corporate finance team at Investor AB.

Hans Vanoorbeek

Board member Skulflex

Between 1996 and 2003 Hans was active in London in private equity as an Associate Director at Industri Kapital and a partner at BC Partners. He is managing partner and co-founder of BV Capital Partners, a private equity holding which invests in small- and medium sized enterprises in the Benelux since 2003. He is currently chairman of the board of Matco NV (chemicals). He is equally a board member of Teconex SA (electricity products), SLG NV (articial grass), United Chocolat Group GmbH (chocolates), Pegase Travel NV (tour operator) and Skulflex AB (laminates).

Bengt Rolén

Chairman of the Board Ergofast

As active entrepreneur and former CEO of Combisafe Group, Bengt has gained vast international experience within executive management and business development, focusing on profitable growth. Bengt today has an advisory role as chairman as well as board member in several Swedish-based international companies.

Thommy Nilsson

Chairman of the Board Life

Thommy has worked in senior executive positions in retail companies in the last 35 years, including JC, Bata, MQ, KappAhl and others. Thommy has several board assign- ments such as Hemmakväll, Twilfit, Blåkläder and XL Bygg. Other historical assignments include, for example, Chairman of Kicks. During his career, Thommy has worked with several well-known owner constellations including EQT, Valedo and Adelis in the role of Senior Advisor in companies such as XXL.