For three decades we have created successful companies by investing in people we believe in.

Welcome to Fairford

We are a stable owner, investing responsibly for the long term in people, relationships and companies. We create sustainable value by buying companies and developing them in close collaboration with our managers and partners. For generations to come.

Grow with us

People are at the centre of our world. Ambitious, skilled management teams and a network of people with knowledge and experience are our top assets. We believe it is essential that our employees thrive and are given the opportunity to grow in their roles so that they can achieve both their own true potential and that of the company. Fairford offers a supportive culture of honest feedback, specific advice and effective tools to both support and challenge employees. We provide a strategic sounding board to discuss future steps and collaborate towards setting new goals.

We take a long-term approach

Companies are developed best over a long time frame. We take a long-term approach to all our investments and unlike many other investors we do not need to sell our holdings on account of fund structures or similar. We have demonstrated this throughout the past 30 years of business operations and we have no explicit strategy to sell our holdings.

Portfolio companies

Our current portfolio companies