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AP&T is a leading supplier in advanced forming. AP&T provides metal and fiber forming industries worldwide with advanced production systems, stand-alone automation, servo hydraulic presses and heat treatment equipment. AP&T, which is the technology leader in select niches, focuses on sustainable production systems that offer the highest customer value and lifetime performance.

Fairford's view

One of the fundamental motives for acquiring AP&T was an expected technical shift towards press hardening and we can now say that this technology has become a standard for critical parts within the automotive industry worldwide. AP&T’s technology offering enables lighter and thereby less fuel / energy consuming vehicles while at the same time improving safety and we believe these are two fundamental cornerstones motivating our long term engagement in the company. AP&T’s position within the metal forming industry has strengthened since the acquisition and in addition to this traditional segment we see growth opportunities opening up in forming of other materials (such as biofiber). In a broader perspective AP&T’s know-how and technologies adds to many other exciting innovations that long term will make a positive impact sustainability wise.

Company facts

Revenue 1 136 MSEK
Employees 390
Fairford's holding 100 %
Year of acquisition 2009
Chair of the Board Mikael Jonson
CEO Magnus Baarman
Investment Team Bengt Dahl