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TransLink manufactures complete trailers and truck body structures for heavy industrial transport in the Nordic markets. TransLink also offers a full scale after sales programme including spare parts, preventive and repair services. The company’s mission is to optimize their customer’s capacity utilisation and make them more competitive. TransLink is a trusted partner in developing new solutions for increased customer profitability in the segments of Forest, Infra and Agri transportation.

Fairford's view

Translink, a leading Swedish manufacturer of trailers and truck body structures, has undergone significant transformation recent years. Through strategic investments in site upgrades and a focus on strengthening competences and operational efficiency, Translink has solidified its position as a resilient industry player. These enhancements enable the company to offer an expanded range of products and services to customers and partners. As investors, we value Translink’s resilience during uncertain times and its commitment to operational excellence. We’re optimistic about its future and confident in its ability to navigate market shifts while delivering value to stakeholders.

Company facts

Revenue 331 MSEK
Employees 103
Fairford's holding 94,6 %
Year of acquisition 1997
Chair of the Board Lars­-Åke Helgesson
CEO Carina Jakobsson
Investment Team Emilie Stoltenberg