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Skultuna Induflex

Skultuna Induflex manufactures flexible technical laminates for a wide range of application areas. The laminates are found in products such as cables, energy transformers, antennas, heating elements, packaging etc.

Skultuna Induflex develops innovative solutions helping its customers to solve problems in new ways. Underpinned by extensive material knowledge this is done by combining and laminating materials such as metail foils, plastic films, paper and cardboards to a new material with specific material properties such as conduction, insulation, shielding, heat resistance, reflection, barrier or appearance.

Fairford's view

Skultuna Induflex supplies a number of different customers found in various markets and value chains. Being a material expert with a continuous focus on quality, speed and flexibility, Skultuna Induflex has gained long lasting customer relationships over the years.

From an improved operating platform created in recent years and increased focus on main target segments, the company is well positioned to further strengthen its market position. We believe there are strong development opportunities and are happy to support the progress.

Company facts

Revenue 186 MSEK
Employees 57
Fairford's holding 52,5 %
Year of acquisition 2003
Chair of the Board Bengt A. Dahl
CEO Pernilla Janze
Investment Team Robert Jonsrud