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PanLink is a full service electrical assembly partner specialized in cable harnesses. Based on tools and processes within engineering, sourcing and manufacturing, PanLink build competitive solutions for its customers. PanLink support its customers in electrical and mechanical engineering and assembly from production sites in Poland and Italy.

Fairford's view

The investment in PanLink was initially motivated by the identified need by many small to medium sized companies to find a production partner in order to manage production during all stages of the product lifecycle from trial runs, ramp up on to high volume manufacturing. The specific need of this customer segment is still valid and paired with long term relationships with several blue-chip companies PanLink is well positioned to further strengthen its market position. Following the last years financial deterioration, we now believe that PanLink is on the right track to regain historic growth and profitability. Managed carefully with costs and competence built in the correct locations we think PanLink will continue to be a competitive player in the long run and we are closely following the progress.

Company facts

Revenue 399 MSEK
Employees 353
Fairford's holding 91 %
Year of acquisition 2006
Chair of the Board Mikael Jonson
CEO Lars-Gunnar Nilsson
Investment Team Robert Jonsrud