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Solutions for material forming
Axel Christiernsson
Industrial lubricants
Europe & USA
Ergonomic tools & fastenings
Sweden, Norway
Fairford Real Estate
Real estate
Global View Systems
Communication software
United Kingdom
HB Collective
Distributor of premium hair products
United Kingdom & Ireland
Home House Collection
Private members’ clubs in London
United Kingdom
Health & wellbeing
Contract manufacturing partner
Skultuna Induflex
Flexible laminates
Sweden, Belgium & China
Transport solutions

Previous investments

Over the years, we have had the privilege of participating in the development of a number of businesses, which are briefly presented below.

STS logo

Aftermarket service for heavy vehicles
Invested: 2009
Divested: 2021

Destination Skin logo

Skin specialist clinics
Invested: 2005
Divested: 2019

Safegate logo

Airport efficiency solutions
Invested: 1991
Divested: 2016

Nordic Guarantee logo

Invested: 2003
Divested: 2016

Hawkwell House Hotel logo

Boutique hotel
Invested: 2002
Divested: 2016

This Works logo

Natural beauty products
Invested: 2004
Divested: 2015

CTI Group logo

Communication software
Invested: 2001
Divested: 2015

Cision logo

Media communication solutions
Invested: 2006
Divested: 2014

Springfun logo

Distributor of outdoor activity products
Invested: 2001
Divested: 2013

Invekta Green logo

Environmentally friendly cleaning chemicals
Invested: 1997
Divested: 2011

Endomines logo

Mining and exploration
Invested: 2006
Divested: 2010

Urban Retreat logo

Salon business within Harrods in London
Invested: 2006
Divested: 2010

Ballingslöv logo

Kitchen and bathroom furniture
Invested: 2003
Divested: 2010

The Refinery logo

Barber shop & spa products
Invested: 1999
Divested: 2009

Combisafe logo

Construction safety systems and service provider
Invested: 1993
Divested: 2008

Lecando logo

Provider of e-learning solutions
Invested: 2002
Divested: 2008

Avanza logo

Online banking services
Invested: 2005
Divested: 2006

Quickels logo

Developer and distributor of medtech products
Invested: 1995
Divested: 2006