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HB Collective

HB Collective exists to identify and develop unique, independent hair and beauty brands to inspire both salon professionals and the end consumer alike. Their core brand is Great Lengths which is established in the hair industry as the world leading brand of premium professional 100% human hair extensions.

Fairford's view

The HB Collective business is driven by the increasing consumer spend in the beauty and more specifically professional hair salon market. Fundamentally, despite times of volatility and challenging inflationary pressures for professional hair salons, the demand for hair extensions continues to grow throughout Europe. Supply chain challenges have increased cost prices however HB Collective’s premium products are well positioned to maintain their pricing power due to strong brand equity, exclusive image, and high quality. We view the HB Collective platform as our vehicle to further explore the professional hair salon market.

Company facts

Revenue 5.4 MGBP
Employees 28
Fairford's holding 100 %
Year of acquisition 2006
Chair of the Board Paul Spinks
CEO Joscelin McCourt
Investment Team Charles Tuke