Our companies
– a short introduction

AP&T AB designs, manufactures and sells automation equipment, presses and tools as well as complete production lines predominantly to the automotive industry but also to other sheet metal industries

Turnover (MSEK): 1 059,6
Operating profit (MSEK): 6,0
Ownership (%): 100
Year of acquisition: 2009

Axel Christiernsson Int’l AB develops, manufactures and sells high quality customer labeled (“private label”) lubricating greases predominantly to the engineering industry and international oil corporations.

Turnover (MSEK): 850,1
Operating profit (MSEK): 50,8
Ownership (%): 100
Year of acquisition: 1997

Destination Skin is a UK national chain of registered clinics specialising in non-invasive, advanced skin solutions delivered via advanced laser, chemical and injectable technology.

Turnover (MSEK): 96,2
Operating profit (MSEK): -24,8
Ownership (%): 100
Year of acquisition: 2005

Ergofast Group AB is engaged in purchasing, warehousing, sales and service of fasteners and special tools and machines predominantly to rental companies and resellers targeting the construction industry.

Turnover (MSEK): 102,3
Operating profit (MSEK): -9,2
Ownership (%): 100
Year of acquisition: 2006

Fairford Real Estate AB is the parent company to the group related to the industrial, warehouse and office real estate assets within Fairford Group.

Turnover (MSEK): 32,6
Operating profit (MSEK): 15,5
Ownership (%): 100

Global View is an innovative UK company that produces a range of electronic solutions tailored to the safety and communication needs of the Marine market.

Turnover (MSEK): 4,5
Operating profit (MSEK): 0,7
Ownership (%): 95,5
Year of acquisition: 2005

Home House is a private members club located in the west end of London, UK that provides its members with luxurious restaurants, bars, private party rooms, garden area, gym, spa and bedrooms.

Turnover (MSEK): 181,2
Operating profit (MSEK): 19,3
Ownership (%): 55
Year of acquisition: 2004

Kpaca distributes Great Lengths pre- bonded, 100% human hair extensions and the I.C.O.N. hair treatment product range and salon coaching concept to the UK and Ireland markets.

Turnover (MSEK): 81,0
Operating profit (MSEK): 16,9
Ownership (%): 100
Year of acquisition: 2006

Försäkringsaktiebolaget Nordic Guarantee primarily provides performance guarantees / insurances preferentially to the construction industry.

Turnover (MSEK): 125,6
Operating profit (MSEK): 6,7
Ownership (%): 40
Year of acquisition: 2003

PanLink AB is an international contract manufacturer with expertise in sourcing, manufacturing and logistics.

Turnover (MSEK): 360,1
Operating profit (MSEK): -18,8
Ownership (%): 91
Year of acquisition: 2006

Skulflex Holding AB develops and manufactures industrial laminates by combining two or several layers of material such as paper, cardboard, various types of metal foils and plastic films.

Turnover (MSEK): 154,4
Operating profit (MSEK): -0,8
Ownership (%): 52,5
Year of acquisition: 2003

Translink Holding AB develops, constructs, manufactures and sells complete trailers and truck body structures also offering spare parts and service.

Turnover (MSEK): 438,5
Operating profit (MSEK): -9,7
Ownership (%): 95
Year of acquisition: 1997